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Maryland Birds and Birds Habitats Educator Program

Program Overview

Birds, aside from being a fascinating part of the natural world, provide a critical insight into the quality of different habitats in the environment. They are easily accessed by anyone in any area of the State, and there exists a significant amount of authentic and area-specific data that can be used in the classroom and other learning venues. 

Too often programs focus exclusively on identification, a skill requiring years of experience. Fear of misidentification and lack of optics prevent many from venturing into the field. However, bird behavior and song are much easier to observe and involve little need for expensive equipment. The workshop will show participants how birds can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of curricula and experiences. 

During the week, participants will both work in the field and classroom. They will both collect and learn to access numerous available on-line data sources. In the field they will get involved with several data collecting projects and research activities that can be done with children. All participants will have the opportunity to plan a local bird monitoring program. 

The program is being offered to both adults and students going into Grades 7 – 12. Both groups will work together in the field, but will be offered different experiences in the classroom.

Program Sponsors: Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS) and Washington College Center for Environment and Society 

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