Brand New Hiking Trails in Our Area!

Two brand new hiking trails were made available to the public this Saturday on National Trails Day at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia. The Wood Thrush Trail is the easiest of the two and totals 0.81 mile with an additional optional .47-mile loop. The trail begins at the Park's Turkey Hill Farm and ends at the athletic fields on the northern edge of the park. The other trail is called Ridge Top Trail and is described as being more strenuous. The Ridge Top Trail totals 1.24 miles and peaks at 640 feet. The trails were built by volunteers from Leesburg Daybreak Rotary Club, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, and Loudoun County High School Naval Junior ROTC. Signage and maps were funded by a grant from the American Hiking Society. 

Although the 1,000 acre facility is mostly known in the area for its equestrian events, it also features many nature programs which are offered by naturalists from the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy. Their programs include activities such as guided hikes, wildlife workshops, outdoor yoga and photography. Check out Morven Park's Nature Programs web page for the easiest way to look at their upcoming events. You can also check out my Naturalist Calendar for events at Morven Park as well as many other locations in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. I hope that the calendar will help you find great naturalist and outdoor activities in our area! Please check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!